RJCC (Regional junior cadet circuit) November 2020

Camille Lambert 7th - Epee

Emily Wells 16th - Epee

Kaithlyn Huselburg

1st place

SYC y14 women saber

Boston 08/31/18

*The results of last weekend's RJCC tournament included Camille Lambert placing 7th in epee, and Emily Wells, placing 16th, also in epee. Congratulations on your placing and participation! 



Kaitlyn HULSEBURG 1st place 

Durkan RYC Tournament 08/25/18 

Y14 Women Saber 





Colin Noble  1st place 

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 01/13/19

Y14 M Saber


Anahat Bawa  3rd place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 01/13/19

Y12 W Saber


Quentin Frere-Carossio 1st place

BCAF  01/20/19

Senior Mixed Foil 

Roshan Cadambi 1st place

Kai Wischusen 3rd place

Fencing Academy Philadelphia

02/23/19 Y14 Saber

Aryana Deshpande  2nd place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 03/17/19

Y12 W Saber


Alex Cole  2nd place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 03/17/19

Y14 M Saber

William Trend 1st Place

FAP Y14 Saber 03/23/19

Tyler Cassese 3rd Place

Hub City Y10 Mixed Foil 


Aryana Deshpande  3rd Place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 04/30/19

Y14 W Saber

Aryana Deshpande  3rd Place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 04/30/19

Y12 W Saber

Jakob Radtke 1st place

WFC 01/27/19

Y14 Foil



Samantha Syrek 3rd place

WFC 01/27/19

Y14 Foil



Grace Radtke 3rd place

WFC 01/27/19

Y12 Foil


Arishita Gupta 1st place

New Jersey High Schools District 01/27/19

Cadet Epee


Shreesa Kumar 3rd place

Escrimeur Youth Saber Cup 03/17/19

Y12 W Saber


Matthew Sayntil 2nd Place

Freehold fencing Academy

Cadet Epee 03/29/19

Tyler Cassese Y10 Men's Foil and Jakob Radke Y14 Men's Foil Qualifies for the National Championships July 2019

2019 National Qualifiers:  Jakob Radke 3rd place 04/20/19

William Trend Y14 Saber 4th place 

04/20/19 WFC



Kaitlyn Hulseburg 1st place 

Boston SYC Tournament 08/31/18 

Y14 Women Saber


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