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The Sebastiani Fencing Academy is directed by Gabrielle Roux and led by Olympic Coach, Maitre Michel Sebastiani.  Sebastiani was the Head Fencing Master at Princeton University for 24 years, and was inducted into the 2015 U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame. He has created world class fencing champions for over 50 years.

Founded in 2000, the Academy offers a year-round program from Beginner to Olympic level - Age 5 to Adults.


Under the tutelage of Michel Sebastiani his students have earned:

23 U.S. gold medals in individual and team competitions.

They have represented the U.S.A. in Junior and Senior World events, the World University Games, and the Olympic Games.

Michel Sebastiani’s reputation for success and excellence as a competitive fencer and coach has attracted fencers from all over the world to learn at the Sebastiani Fencing Academy.

Recommended by the Maitre, many committed SFA students have been accepted to excellent schools and top universities including Oxford University, The University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Drew University, Vassar College, Princeton University, New York University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and the United States Air Force Academy.


The Academy offers a year-round training program for fencers of all ages and abilities. Structured classes are designed to meet the specific interests and goals of each individual, from recreational fencing to preparation for Regional, National, and International competitions.

Instruction at S.F.A. emphasizes establishing rock-solid fundamentals and technique in preparation for more advanced tactics. We encourage our students to challenge themselves in this unique and noble sport, and hope that their time with us develops a lifelong passion for fencing.

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