Get faster, get stronger, get better

Tap into your physical potential with Sebastiani Fencing Academy's new strength and conditioning sessions

Behind the SFA method is a belief that an elite fencer is built atop of an elite athlete.

We have designed a program that will develop this groundwork in the following ways:


    • Speed and Power

      • Anaerobic training featuring exercises which are short in duration but high in intensity. Fencers will acquire the capacity for the "bursts" of energy needed on the strip.

    • Endurance

      • Become comfortable with the rigour of fencing practices and consecutive competitive bouts. Aerobic training will complement anaerobic training with exercises of longer duration and lower intensity that will help build stamina and reduce fatigue.

    • Coordination

      • Blades flash and a touch is scored, at least from the audience's perspective. Inside the mask, things went much slower, decisions were made as information came, actions and reactions required speed and accuracy. Creative and fun activities have been devised to help fencers with situational awareness and quick decision making.

    • Agility

      • Circuit training using ladders, hurdles, and other equipment will help students become lighter on their feet and athletic in their movements. On the strip, students can expect to be more able to perform proper footwork and sudden changes of direction.

    • Flexibility

      • Warm-ups and cool-downs will focus on flexibility as a means to preventing injury and carrying out skilful fencing actions.


Join us this summer for a valuable experience and become

the best fencer you can be!


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