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The Staff

The Sebastiani Fencing Academy is directed by Gabrielle Roux and founded in partnership with Maître Michel Sebastiani, one of the most decorated and celebrated fencing coaches of all time. Having been students of the classical French Method, Sebastiani and Roux immigrated to the United States and later founded the Sebastiani Fencing Academy in 2000.

Simultaneous to establishing the Academy, Maître Sebastiani was the Head Coach at Princeton University for 24 years, has sent his students off to compete at the Olympics, and in 2015 was inducted into the USA Fencing Hall of Fame for his contributions to the American fencing landscape.

Although originally founded on the principles of the traditional French Method, and as the sport of fencing has evolved over the decades SFA has been teaching, the Sebastiani Method has evolved too. The Sebastiani Method is an internationally recognized style of teaching that champions the importance of fundamentals--footwork and bladework--while also pushing its students to employ them practically and effectively in competitive settings.

Meet the Instructors


Instructor - Saber

Sherif El Bakri

More about Coach El Bakri coming soon!


Instructor - Three Weapons

Drew Mirdala

Paul Epply-Schmidt_edited.jpg

Instructor - Foil

Paul Epply-Schmidt


Instructor - Three Weapons

Hussein Tolba

Tom Outwin_edited.jpg

Business Advisor

Tom Outwin

Guest Instructors

Cyril V


Cyril Verbrackel

Soren Thompsen


Soren Thompson

Szilvia Gyore


Szilvia Gyore

Nicole Ross


Nicole Ross

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