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Sebastiani Fencing Academy offers programs for individuals as young as five years old and welcomes all skill levels! Classes at the Academy are organized by age group and level of competition. Read below to understand the levels of practice to figure out which class best fits you or your athlete.

In the fencing world at large, fencers are most often separated by blade (discipline of fencing) and age. Conveniently, classes at Sebastiani are assigned the same way!


As you may be aware, the three disciplines of fencing, more commonly referred to as the three blades, are epee, foil, and sabre, each with its own rules, style, and aesthetic. The age categories in fencing are Youth-8, Youth-10, Youth-12, Youth-14, Cadet, Junior , Senior, and Veteran. For more details on fencing age groups, click here.

Age Groups Available

  • Little Musketeers: for children as young as 5 years of age, until they are old enough and comfortable in the sport to move up to the formal age categories.

  • Youth-10 & Youth-12: for young athletes aged 12 years and under.

  • Youth-14 & Cadet: for teenage and young adult athletes aged 13 years and older.

  • Adult: for athletes aged 17 years and older.


Competitive Levels Available

  • Little Musketeers: as mentioned above, this class is for the youngest of fencers, and often teaches young athletes body coordination and general athleticism as it prepares them with the very basics of fencing.

  • Pre-Competitive: for students beginning fencing, but with potentially more athletic experience. These courses are meant to teach strong fundamentals of the sport, such as body positions, footwork, distance, blade technique, and bouting.

  • Competitive: for students already with a sturdy foundation in fencing, looking to advance their level to the local, regional, and/or national competitive level.

  • Elite: strictly for students with a strong comfortability in fencing pursuing high level regional and national competitions.

Want to try fencing out? Click here to schedule a trial session today!

Current Classes

  • Pre-Competitive Epee

  • Pre-Competitive Y10/Y12 Foil

  • Pre-Competitive Y14/Cadet Foil

  • Pre-Competitive Y10/Y12 Saber

Competitive & Elite
  • Competitive Epee

  • Competitive Y10/Y12 Foil

  • Competitive Y14/Cadet Foil

  • Competitive Y10/Y12 Saber

  • Competitive Y14/Cadet Saber

  • Elite Competitive Saber

More Sessions
  • Little Musketeers

  • Adult (Epee, Foil, & Saber)

  • Open Bouting (Epee, Foil, & Saber)

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