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Being open since the year 2000, Sebastiani has had so many students. Read below to hear about their great experiences working with the team here at Sebastiani.

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"Michel Sebastiani has left an impressive legacy through his work with [Princeton University]'s fencing program."
Gary Walters

Walters is the Director of Athletics at Princeton University and the former chair of the NCAA Division 1 men's basketball committee. He was recently to the Most Influential Sports Educators in America List by the Institute for International Sport.

"Sebastiani Fencing Academy is a first-rate program. As parents, we always continually strive to offer our children the best environment to learn and thrive. The Academy provides the tools and the building blocks. The instructors at SFA have become our surrogate family away from home. The knowledge and attention to detail gives us the confidence that our son is in the best hands.

"Gabrielle is the architect of the program. She is continually searching for the proper balance in preparing her students to become future athletes and leaders. It is her desire for excellence that has seen the program grow over the last decade."
Dr. Djeng & Mrs. Djeng

Princeton, NJ

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"Sebastiani Fencing Academy is an excellent fencing school with great coaches! The instructors are not only experienced and qualified, but they have a true love for the sport. THey teach fencers to dream big! Thanks to Maître Michel Sebastiani, I was able to achieve my fencing dreams."
Maya Lawrence OLY

Lawrence (pictured) is a bronze-medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games and a long-time student of Maître Sebastiani, now residing in Paris, France.

"The study of fencing has not only helped our 11-year-old son to feel strong and confident, but has also improved his focus, his coordination, and his self-discipline. Both the master instructors and the young assistants have been wonderful influences in his life, and his enjoyment of them is only matched by his desire to earn their good opinion."
Carol B.

Princeton, NJ

"Truly a fantastic school! A wonderful environment for all students to grow as fencers and people! We are so thrilled to be part of the community. Thank you! Highly recommend to all..."
Donia S.

West Windsor, NJ

"Professional, high-class school with a very personal touch. We visit a few schools in the beginning when deciding to put our daughter in fencing. Each school has its own appeal and you have to pick what's right for you....

"However, our daughter does much better in small groups and personal attention. We picked this school because of the personal attention and small class sizes....

"Ms. Gabrielle did an amazing job of welcoming our daughter and making her feel comfortable so she can get over her fears. But I really love that it wasn't a sales pitch just to get us to sign up. One year later we're still here and each time we come in she greets us with the same kindness and attention....

"So far all the teachers in her school that we've met have also been equally great. They have a lot of love for the kids and it shows in how they teach them."
Joe B.

Princeton, NJ

"Our son started to learn fencing at Sebastiani Fencing Academy when we moved to the area, and the program has proved essential in his transition both geologically and psychologically from a pre-teen to a teenage. As a cerebral child, he has found the perfect sport where he can integrate his braininess into physical activity. He loves all the coaches, whose seriousness in the art of fencing and whose good humors he appreciates and admires. Through the classes, summer camps and open bouting, he has made friends who share the same interests not only in fencing but in other parts of life. We are not surprised to say that the Sebastiani Academy has made a huge impact on his life."
Yiyun L.

Princeton, NJ

"My two children have been fencing here for about three years. They have made good friends, learned many fencing techniques from [Maître Sebastiani] and Gabrielle and left many precious childhood memories of this facility."
Karen C.

Belle Mead, NJ

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