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Sebastiani Fencing Academy

Traditional excellence de
l'Escrime Française

Sebastiani Fencing Academy is a club based in Princeton, NJ dedicated to giving athletes of all ages and abilities a venue to take up and pursue the exciting sport of Olympic fencing.

sebastiani_cornel wfencing.jpeg

Pictured above, Michel Sebastiani (center) and the Cornell University Women's Fencing Team, 1967-1968-1969 National Champions.

The Sebastiani Method

The traditional French Method of training fencers, practiced by Olympians and National Champions for decades, was brought to the United States more than 50 years ago when Michel Sebastiani emigrated from France.

It is a method of teaching fencing which builds foremost the most crucial fundamentals of fencing--footwork and bladework--in order to allow fencers to trust their technique, to focus on the decision making behind each touch, and compete and win at the highest level of competition.

Gabrielle Roux

Owner, Prevot d'Armes

Born in Corsica, France and trained in the French Method by Maître Sebastiani,  in 2000 Gabrielle co-founded the Sebastiani Fencing Academy, a school committed to bringing that same French Method to the United States.

Michel Sebastiani

Michel Sebastiani

Maître d'Armes

Inducted to the USA Fencing Hall of Fame in 2015 for his contributions to the sport, Maître Sebastiani has taught the French Method of fencing at the highest level...

"Sebastiani Fencing Academy is an excellent fencing school with great coaches! The instructors are not only experienced and qualified, by they have a true love for the sport."

Maya Lawrence

2012 London Olympics, Team USA, Bronze Medalist

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